Frequently asked questions

What is ESL milk and what is its difference from UHT milk?

Microorganisms ands vitamins are alive in composition of milk through used technology in the production of ESL milk. This technology is one of the latest innovations used in the developed countries, in the lead of Europe and America. According to the conducted researches it was determined that there are more vitamin and minerals in ESL milk than UHT milk. Moreover, ESL milk technology, allows protecting the milk sugar in milk without burning. Thus, Atena milk shall be kept in fridge for protecting vitamin and microorganisms in its composition.

Amount of useful vitamin and microorganisms in UHT milk is less than ESL milk as it is used in 145 Co. Shelf life of the milk that is scarce of vitamin and microorganisms is 4 months.

What is the main reason of Atena LLC constructing in Agjabadi region?

Availability of conditions for the development of cattle breeding in Aghjabadi region and give contribution to the development program of regions of Azerbaijan.

Why Atena yogurts differ from other kinds of yogurt for the taste?

Because 1.5 liters natural milk is used for making 1 kg sour-milk. That is why, Atena is more dense and tasty in comparison with sour-milk competitors.

Atena buttermilk differs from other buttermilk and has the same taste since it was produced first time. How do maintain this 

Before production of buttermilk, Atena carried out market studies, hold a referendum with several clients, and aimed to produce buttermilk corresponding to the wish of clients and taste of Azerbaijani people.

What is homogenized yogurt?

Atena producing homogenized sour-milk in Azerbaijan for the first time, presents products manufactured through technology of which its competitors don't possess to the client with great pleasure. In known normal sour-milks fat cells being in composition of sour-milk rise to the surface and forms a cream. Homogenized sour-milk spread fat cells in the composition of sour-milk to each part of it in the same quantity by minimizing them through homogenizer. Thus, Atena you can enjoy the same taste of homogenized sour-milk from each part of it, as fat cells in its composition distributed to each part at the same level.

There is no unpleasant scent in Atena milk contrary of other types of milk. What is the reason of it?

After the fresh milk enters the factory from the farm, firstly, it is deodorized and cleaned from unpleasant smells in the factory by high technologies, and then it is sent to production phases.