Destination and Goals

Our strategic views: to turn ATENA to significant brand in Azerbaijan and in the world market together with our staff owing to our high quality and technologies, our new products and developing structure.

Our Mission: Atena is the production company that realizes quality business environment within legal and legitimate terms, makes its government purveyor develop with itself. It has adopted management policies supporting food safety and implementation of quality production methods by selecting work safety and customer satisfaction as a target and shows in this sphere.

Our management policy: Milk and Diary Product Producer Atena LLC show activity and has targeted to develop with its consumers and employees, serve for the human health, and produce quality and trustable products for its customers. Beside these, company targeted to become the world mark too.


As Atena LLC we undertake our engagement to implement mentioned below:

To satisfy customers with products packed, delivered and produced in suitable, quality and hygienic condition and that meet with demands of our customers and legislation or ISO 22000:2005 food safety system;

To ensure controlling of quality control systems on the farm and meal and take necessary measures for this;

To inform all workers about health business and work safety rules and to organize training for the purpose of to ensure their understanding individual responsibility.

To inform employees, government purveyors, customers and society about Atena's quality and food safety and tan them conception of individual responsibility by using educational or communication means;

To develop together with employees by organizing common trainings and prepare professional staff and support development of the country and industry;

To ensure our workers' representing company within company or out of this in accordance with respect and courtesy rules of Atena LLC, to follow these rules during working and make relationship according to these principles;

To ensure all workers' being familiar with target of the Company and step as a team toward common targets;

To value mutual demands and ensure satisfactory of leadership constantly contacting with all staff;

To accept government purveyors as inseparable part and business partner of the system, to ensure constantly and mutual common work term and to improve condition;

To ensure protection reliability and quality of the product considering human health more important in all levels of procurement process;

To value activities of all management systems that we set with the periodic aspect co looking through periodically and improve constantly;

To search high quality and new products, follow and apply new technological achievements, to pack and develop products constantly by decreasing environmental effect;

To apply systems that might reduce lower utilization of natural sources, to reduce industrial wastes and immediately prevent of dirt, to determine annual targets of the company and ensure constantly development.

To follow all legal terms;